To volunteer on Mike’s campaign or to put up a yard sign, please contact Mike at 401.601.2800 or

To volunteer on Mike’s campaign or to put up a yard sign, please contact Mike at 401.601.2800 or

Why I Am Running

In the almost 18 months since taking office, we have accomplished a great deal and addressed many of the challenges that were confronting our community.  We have ended the daily drama and embarrassing news stories, restored open and ethical government, replaced the Town Manager, rebuilt our Finance Department, debunked the false-bankruptcy narrative, fully funded our schools, aggressively negotiated five taxpayer-friendly union contracts, saved millions of dollars in retirement expenses (OPEB), restored a balanced budget, replenished plundered reserves, put Council meetings online, restored services to our seniors and fully engaged the residents.  We also took unprecedented steps to lessen the tax burden on residents (reallocated to other tax classes with the support of the Chamber) and kept the tax increase on residents to a low 0.9%. 

The next two years will no doubt bring greater and unforeseen challenges, as we are anticipating dramatic cuts in State aid due to the crisis.  We are prepared for this, but once it happens, a deep understanding of our municipal finances and options available to us will be critical in making sure we can provide the services that our residents require and the education that our children deserve.  I am running for reelection because I believe that my experience, skills and commitment to doing the work can help us continue along our current positive path, while navigating this crisis. 

About Mike

  • Resides in East Greenwich with wife Dr. Linda Donegan
  • Five children through EG Public Schools (one rising Junior remains)
  • Education: Dartmouth College (B.A.) and University of Pennsylvania Law School (J.D.)
  • Attorney, Orson & Brusini, Ltd.

  • Vice-President, East Greenwich Town Council
  • Former Chairman, East Greenwich Planning Board (Third term)
  • Former two-term Member, East Greenwich Conservation Commission
  • Coach, EGHS Debate Team
  • Coach, EGHS Model United Nations Club
  • Former Coach, Cole Middle School Mock Trial Team (6 yrs.)

Key Issues

  • We need to reestablish an ethical open government that is engaged with residents and values their input. We should not indemnify Council Members or our Town Manager for “knowing and willful” violations of the ethical laws. I will open up our government, insure that we run it ethically and hold all of us accountable.
  • Our schools are the gem in our community and the primary reason that most residents moved to East Greenwich in the first place. Their reputation is also the single largest factor driving our home values. I will support our students and our schools, while making sure that our money is well spent and that our schools continue to improve.
  • I will work to develop fiscally responsible budgets that do not rely on plundering our vital capital reserves to run our day-to-day government, which is what we have been doing. These reserves are necessary to maintain our bond rating and to address emergencies and unanticipated expenses that we have seen arise all too often.
  • We need to lessen the tax burden on our residents by driving significant non-tax revenue. Managing our budgets responsibly is a given and is absolutely necessary, but we also need to increase revenue significantly beyond that raised by simply taxing the residents. I will work to implement these initiatives.
  • The financial challenges that we face largely result from State law and impact all RI communities. I will work with the State to address our structural financial issues resulting from these State laws.

  • We have five union contracts expiring next year. We need to negotiate better contracts with employees that are both financially reasonable to the taxpayers and fair to our employees. I will work with labor experts in these negotiations to avoid the highly-publicized errors of the past and to achieve these goals.
  • Our community is fortunate enough to have many seniors who have great experience, talent and commitment to our community. We need to actively engage our seniors as a resource and also make sure that they have the services that they need and deserve.
  • Over these past two years, we have seen a level of acrimony and mistrust that has fractured our community. This was completely unnecessary. We can manage our affairs and the financial challenges common to all RI communities civilly, responsibly and together. I will work hard to restore our trust and sense of community.
  • Our community “Brand” has been significantly damaged over these last two years by: (1) Catastrophizing our financial issues (issues common to all RI communities) and creating the false narrative that we are bankrupt; (2) refusing to properly fund our schools; and (3) repeatedly violating the laws around ethics and open government. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a moment to destroy it. I believe we still have time. Together, we can reverse course and restore our values and community. That is what I plan to do.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 401.601.2800 or by email at